Essential Eligibility Criteria

Vibrant Gap Year provides coaching and planning services for students seeking to take gap time before, during or after college. While we work primarily with young women, we do not discriminate based on gender, race, age, sexual preference, socio-economic status, or religion and offer services to anyone who would like to work with us.

A student’s wellbeing is at the forefront of the services we provide, and there are certain criteria that must be met in order to achieve positive gap year outcomes. While we offer professional coaching as part of our holistic service provision, we are not therapists and we are not able to work with students we feel have needs beyond our scope of training.

By hiring Vibrant, students acknowledge and agree to:

– our policies as stated in our Terms and Conditions and Services Agreement

– be transparent about all issues as related to mental or physical health, including but not limited to prescription medications, physical ailments or psychiatric conditions

– are able to manage any psychiatric conditions on their own without therapy during their gap time

– can manage own self-care as it relates to hygiene, administering medication, exercising good judgement, communicating effectively and the like.

– be open and honest on Vibrant’s questionnaire as well as with chosen programs

– are able to be open minded, flexible, and willing to deal with the inevitable discomfort and challenges that come with immersing in unfamiliar situations

– be respectful of others people, places and follow cultural cues

– be able and willing to comply with all program and placement rules and policies and accept all consequences if these are not adhered to

– not being court mandated or an adjudicated youth